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Our "Profit Assessment Tool" pinpoints issues which prevent you from reaching maximum profitability. We use information gathered through interviews along with effective analytical tools to identify root causes.

Our recommendations are clear and concise and include a sustainable corrective action plan to ensure their success.


Our process to help you reach your maximum profitability consists of a series of steps including:

  • Acquire understanding of business
  • Conduct key personnel interviews
  • Create effective analytical tools
  • Identify root causes of poor performance
  • Detail corrective actions and follow-up




We have consistently increased the profitability of busineses that were not meeting their expectations.  Our Case Studies highlight areas that we have examined and found performance improvements which led to higher profitability.


Business Consulting

Medallion Business Consulting Maximizing Profit Performance

With so many complex moving parts to your business, it is sometimes difficult to determine if you are maximizing your profit potential. Gaining a "true" understanding of what affects the profitability of your business is critical to ensure income growth in today's competitive environment. Identifying issues and creating effective sustainable solutions requires a disciplined process and proven analytical tools.

Our approach adds value to your company by ensuring you maximize your profit potential and thereby increase your enterprise value. You will also gain valuable perspective about your company and strengthen your ability to make data-driven decisions. This is done with passion, experience and proven results. We welcome the opportunity to work with your company to drive sustainable profitable growth.

See how we do it with our Profit Assessment Tool.
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